The South African student movement has been a prominent feature in the struggle to end apartheid and create new social conditions of democracy and social justice. The South African Students’ Congress (SASCO), the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) and the South African Students Press Union (SASPU), collectively named the progressive student movement, have since the late seventies distinguished themselves as leading organisations within the student movement, with many current-day government and business leaders having come through their ranks.

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The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) aims to build a strong student and youth leadership to enable them to participate effectively in the strengthening of education in South Africa. The focus of the LDP is on emerging and current student and youth leaders. It is the objective of the NSLA to ensure that the LDP will become the flagship leadership programme for the Higher Education sector. Its mission is not only to pursue the “Development” of student leaders to ensure that they are capacitated to effectively fulfill their current portfolios, but also to ensure the advancement of these leaders to play key roles in the South African society at large.

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Our Vision

To meaningfully contribute towards producing skilled youth who are conscious of their responsibility to build a united and prosperous South Africa.

Our Mission

  • To position ourselves as a socially conscious youth trust that prides itself with contributing to projects that uplift the lives of youth in our country.
  • To champion youth development programmes that build capacity and create opportunities for young people and the youth movement.
  • To attack the scourges of gender inequality and racism through an active promotion of patriotism and equality amongst youth