The objectives of the NSLA are to:

  • Improve the supply of development opportunities, particularly in relation to student and youth leadership development.
  • Raise the profile of student and youth leadership.
  • Stimulate further demand for development.
  • Identify, support and disseminate good practice in student organisations.
  • Work with higher education institutions and student organisations to build an integrated and coordinated approach to leadership development.
  • Become a leading centre for constructive dialogue on issues facing students and the youth of South Africa.
  • To initiate and support research programs.

The NSLA will be the strategic focus, central resource and coordinating point for leadership development, although delivery of activities might be dispersed. It will broker national, continental, international and cross-sector development opportunities, commission and design programmes and projects, undertake market research, identify and disseminate good practice and resources, assist student organisations to develop their own capacity and lead the debate on enhancing individual and institutional performance.


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Our Vision

To meaningfully contribute towards producing skilled youth who are conscious of their responsibility to build a united and prosperous South Africa.

Our Mission

To position ourselves as a socially conscious youth trust that prides itself with contributing to projects that uplift the lives of youth in our country.

To champion youth development programmes that build capacity and create opportunities for young people and the youth movement.

To attack the scourges of gender inequality and racism through an active promotion of patriotism and equality amongst youth