There is a drive in the country to advance learners, especially from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to acquire scarce skills. The apartheid education system entrenched a legacy of limited or no skills to learners from black
communities. As a result the uptake of employment has remained racially skewed in favour of white youth.
Bokamoso is determined to take part in reversing this status quo.

Through the scholarship fund, Bokamoso will encourage learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to progress studies in areas where there is a shortage of skills. Although the fund will prioritise learners associated with Bokamoso’s founding organisations, the Trust will seek to cater for as many youth who have suffered or are in danger of suffering from similar historical setbacks.


  • Bokamoso Scholarship Fund will foster partnerships with existing scholarship funds.
  • Bokamoso will also partner with corporates that currently fund education programmes in an uncoordinated manner.
  • Such corporates will be motivated to invest their resources into Bokamoso to achieve similar objectives in a much better organised environment.
  • Bokamoso will also partner with high schools and tertiary institutions to help with the identification of candidates and the monitoring of those that will be on the programme.
  • Bokamoso Scholarship Fund will engage different workplaces for placement of students under the fund during their studies and after they graduate.
  • Bokamoso will seek student exchange programmes with other scholarship funds in other countries to ensure that the students under the fund get a global experience in the different disciplines of their choice.

Our Vision

To meaningfully contribute towards producing skilled youth who are conscious of their responsibility to build a united and prosperous South Africa.

Our Mission

To position ourselves as a socially conscious youth trust that prides itself with contributing to projects that uplift the lives of youth in our country.

To champion youth development programmes that build capacity and create opportunities for young people and the youth movement.

To attack the scourges of gender inequality and racism through an active promotion of patriotism and equality amongst youth