Bokamoso Barona Investment Trust Launching Statement

Tshilidzi Ratshitanga
Regardless of the politics of the day, these progressive student and youth organizations remain the best platform from where to conduct political, social and economic discourse that will shape the character of the youth that will lead our country. Through continuous analytical engagement, these formations will produce a human being whose conscience and outlook of the world will be much broader than any curriculum could achieve of its leaners.

Ladies and gentlemen, your contribution is highly sought because without the guidance of your older comrades of your times your success in struggle and personal development would have been limited. We are here today as strategic individuals of our society, who have arrived where we are because of the role we played in shaping a new nation, a role that we managed to play because the liberation movement devoted its time and resources to arm us with the requisite analytical tools to understand what we were involved in. The liberation movement patiently groomed us and natured our energies and talent towards the correct route of struggle. This was done with the full knowledge that when our elders rich a certain age, they would have to slow down to the pace of their abilities and we the young ones who have been groomed accordingly would have to take over.

Indeed most of you have taken over and are leading the country through this difficult period of transition. Armed with the wealth of revolutionary experience, the question that should occupy us while we forge ahead with our different tasks is what are we doing to assist the younger generations who no longer have to rely on the anger that was brought out by racial oppression to be mobilized to serve their country? How are we going to account for the failure of these generations to identify their relevance in today’s world outlook? These are the questions which I hope when answered will rekindle a new fire within the youth structures so that we can carry on knowing that we have invested enough knowledge and skill to our younger ones so that they too can be well equipped to take over the gauntlet when the time arrives when we too shall have to slow down to the pace of our abilities.

Bokamoso Barona Investment Trust presents that platform to contribute towards building the quality of leadership of our beloved organizations. For without that kind of intervention the danger exists that other forces, with different kinds of agendas and objectives can take over and guide these formations astray. We will achieve this task by first and foremost generating enough investments to contribute towards the operational needs of the founding organizations.

Beyond this intervention Bokamoso has adopted three programmes which will illuminate in the membership of these organizations as well as the previously disadvantaged youth of our country the new flames that will set alight the path for this new stage of our struggle. These are:

Youth Research Institute

Through the Research Institute Bokamoso will provide the necessary depth of understanding that youth organizations require to engage with their counterparts, Civil Society, the Democratic State and Capital. This is important because current discourse and engagement requires more intellectual insight than sloganised orthodoxy.

Scholarship Fund

This is probably the most critical intervention that our youth require to become useful in our task of building a society whose development and prosperity relies on skills that can grow the economy. We have to contribute to the development of the previously disadvantaged child, to make her a successful and compepetitive citizen so that in the future her role in society is not determined by racial quotas but by her ability to compete equally with her peers who currently posses the most favourable environment from where to acquire quality education.

Leadership Development Academy

We envisage the Academy to be the arena from which new leaders of the Youth and Student Movement will be trained to posses the leadership qualities that are dictated of a leader who has to deal with the complexities of our transformation agenda. This is the theater from where shall be born young leaders who posses the analytical framework to take over the task of building this nation in the future.

These are the programmes that will complement the other important work of the founding organizations of Bokamoso Trust. They have been designed to benefit all young people who remain desperate to benefit from the joys of freedom and liberation given the challenges that continue to unravel many communities in our country.

Honourable guests, we have come here tonight to call on you to support this noble cause. The main aim of our cause is to develop young people who posses Good Education. For indeed as Mr Kgalema Motlanthe would say there is a choice a society can make to provide its youth either Good or Bad Education. And for those of you who believe you can achieve to provide Good Education to your children by merely sending them to very expensive private schools, a shocking reality will visit your home. As Kgalima has explained Bad Education is education that makes your children snobs. One that makes them feel they are better than others and therefore look down upon them.

Good Education on the other hand is education that makes them feel and know an injury of another. It makes them understand that they are part of a community, located in a country that is part of the world. This education breeds discipline that guides your children to perform their tasks diligently. It makes them to acquire progressive tools of analysis so they can have an informed outlook of the world and therefore are not rigid and dogmatic human beings.

There are different ways in which you can contribute towards the provision of Good Education. Bokamoso Trust is one way of achieving this and a way that will reach out to many young people. If, however, you fail to make some contribution towards the activities of Bokamoso, we urge you then to at least provide Good Education to your children. This way we can be assured that your children will at least swell the ranks of the progressive youth and student movement as already groomed conscious members of our society.

Our leaders have called on us to cease the opportunities of freedom and liberation and govern the activities that will determine the future of our country. Steadily, in a sober and calculated manner, through initiatives such as Bokamoso Trust, we will achieve this objective.

Esteemed leaders of the various sectors of our society please carry with you tonight when you leave the memories of the heroes and heroines of our struggle. Make a silent but powerful pledge to renew your commitment to the struggle to build a nation of the people, united in cultural diversity, non-racism, and the prosperity of all its citizens.

And like Che would say: “Until Victory Always; Aluta Continua!”

Ladies and gentlemen Bokamoso Barona Investment Trust is duly launched and ready for your contributions.

Thank you!

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