Message of support

Dali Mpofu (Patron) 25 APRIL 2007
As we continue to enjoy the fruits of our hard-fought democracy, it remains very important to always remember and recognise the individuals and organizations that paved the way. There is no doubt that students in their collective capacity played an immense role in the struggle to realise our democratic dispensation. From as early as 1924, when the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) was formed, to the sixties and early seventies when SASO produced such inspiring leaders as Steve Biko and Barney Pityana, the impact of students has always been felt.

Furthermore, the 16 June 1976 uprisings which were organised by students are regarded as a turning point that led to the demise of the apartheid regime. An important aftermath to 1976 was the 1979 formation of COSAS and AZASO (later renamed SANSCO) which both played a dominant role in the eighties.

Without trying to rewrite the history of the student movement, these few examples adequately highlight the extent of its contribution towards our democracy. It is also noteworthy to observe that the student leaders produced by these organisations are today swelling the leadership ranks of government, civil society and the business community. There is thus a strong argument for the need to sustain a vibrant student movement. The creative energy of students will continue to shape our society and this constituency will remain our leadership reservoir for many generations to come.

It therefore gives one great pleasure to be associated with such an initiative as Bokamoso Barona Investment Trust. The resources acquired through this intervention will go a long way in building the necessary leadership capacity that will see the student movement reclaiming its rightful role as a leading force in society. Many learners and students will also benefit from the trust’s development programmes which amongst others will include a bursary scheme for scarce skills studies.

It is the sincere hope of the patrons of the trust that this noble initiative will receive support from all corners of society!

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